Our Mission

Womxn’s Time to Lead is a movement that boldly envisions a new culture of power and leadership that systematically rebalances the voice and welfare of all beings, our Earth, and future generations.

  • We need leaders who are

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It’s Womxn’s Time to Lead

"Know the masculine, but keep to the feminine: and become a watershed to the world."

- Tao Te Ching

Take a deep breath and share your story…

...with someone you know; with a stranger; with our team. Share your story with a trusted circle to which you belong or with one you want to create. Confide in someone you trust; in someone radically different. By listening deeply and speaking honestly we can change the world.

We will be launching our program to gather womxn's stories in Spring 2020. 

We're funding change makers through our art

50% of the proceeds from the sale of our art goes towards The Womxn's Time To Lead Scholarship Fund. Our goal is to have enough in the fund to award $10,000 to womxn change makers by the end of 2020. It's needed now more than ever.


Support Womxn

How can you support this movement? You probably already are. 

Share this message especially in the form of gratitude, support, and solidarity for those who are already embodying the leadership qualities our world needs to heal and flourish.