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Add your voice to this movement

Now more than ever, we’re unearthing the unseen social, political, economic, and cultural status quos riddled in misogyny and held together by outdated power dynamics.

This timely excavation offers us an opportunity to boldly reimagine a new culture of power and leadership that reflect the voice and welfare of all beings, our earth, and future generations. 

The Womxn act as pillars supporting humanity’s progress towards balance, institutional change, and new, reconceptualized paradigms of leadership that rescript the feminine voice within us. The Womxn are a vision of the spiritual and moral foundations that support the emerging systems of our time and are a reminder of what is possible when we each embody our whole selves.

The stories of womxn today must be told. Not just of the oppression and age-old violence that has been committed against us and the planet, but also stories that inspire and move womxn forward. We each carry seeds for the future. 

Your story matters. It’s your time to lead. Together, we are powerful.

We are humble. We are kind. We are fierce and full of heart.

It’s our time to lead.

If you have an interest in being interviewed, ideas, or questions to ask womxn, send us a note.